Coyote Creek Ranch 912 CR 1270 Detroit, TX 75436
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Packages and Prices

2015 Prices


Weekend hog hunts (Fri. noon-Sunday) $400.00 per person
Weekday hog hunts (Mon.-Wed.)  $400.00 per person
This allows each person 2 hogs any size.
No trophy fees.

(when available)

$525.00 per person
This allows each hunter 1 ram of your choice:
(Black Hawaiian, Texas Dall, Painted Desert, or Corsican)
Most of our rams are 16"-25". Sometimes we have big rams
      30" and over. These cost $600.00 or more, depending on size. 

Trophy African Mountain Goats
(when available)
$300.00 per person

Trophy Catalina Goats

(when available)
$500.00 per person

Combo Hunts

Combo Hog and Ram: $700.00 per person

This allows each hunter 2 hogs any size and 1 ram of your choice.

Combo Hog and Goat:  $550.00 per person

This allows each hunter 2 hogs any size and 1 goat of your choice.

Free Range Varmint Hunts

Unlimited free range coyotes, bobcats, and other predators: $325.00 per person
These hunts are available January-August. Not available during deer season.

The price of ALL hunts is for the whole hunt, NOT price per day.
All hunts include lodging in our cabin and use of all facilities.
EXAMPLE: If you book a weekend hog hunt, the
total price is $400.00 per person,
NOT $400.00 per person per day.

Click on the BUY NOW button to make your $100 deposit.  Each hunter is required to pay a deposit.  The remaining balance is due upon service.  


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